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This table contains all disabilities within Jagged Alliance 2 1.13.
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Disability Description
Claustrophobic Overall performance is reduced when underground
Deaf Drastically reduced hearing
Fear of heights Overall performance is reduced when on rooftops
Fear of insects A look at large insects can cause big problems and being in tropical sectors also reduces performance a bit
Forgetful Sometimes forgets orders given and will lose some action points if in turn-based mode
Heat intolerant Problems with breathing and reduced overall performance when in tropical or desert sectors
Hemophiliac Drastically increased bleeding
Nervous Will suffer panic attack if left alone in certain situations
Nonswimmer Will drown easily if attempts to swim
Psychotic Will go psycho and shoot like mad every once in a while
Will lose morale if unable to go psycho with the equipped weapon
Selfharming Occasionally harms self
Shortsighted Reduced sight range