Character traits

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This table contains all character traits within Jagged Alliance 2 1.13.
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Character trait Advantage Disadvantage
Aggressive Slightly better chance to hit on autofire/burstmode and inflicts slightly bigger damage in close combat Penalty for actions that need patience like repairing items, picking locks, removing traps, doctoring and training militia
Assertive Bonus on training militia and is better at communicating with people Gains no morale for actions of other mercenaries
Coward Gains morale when retreating Loses morale when encountering numerically superior enemy forces
Dauntless Higher suppression and fear resistance
Morale loss for taking damage and death of squad members is lower
Higher chance to be hit and a lower penalty for the enemy when hitting while moving
Intellectual Slightly faster learning as a student or when self-practicing Lower suppression and fear resistance
Loner Better performance when no other mercenary is nearby Gains no morale when a couple of mercenaries are nearby
Malicious Higher chance to inflict stat loss which may also inflict special painful wounds
Gains bonus morale for inflicting stat loss
Penalty in communicating with people and morale sinks faster while not in battle
Neutral - -
Optimist Morale sinks a little slower and grows faster than normal Lower chance to detect traps and mines
Pacifist Gains morale on non-combat assignments (except training militia) Gains no morale for killing
Phlegmatic Bonus for actions that need patience like repairing items, picking locks, removing traps, doctoring, and training militia Interrupt chance is slightly lowered
Primitive Energy goes down a bit slower except on assignments such as repairing items, doctoring, training militia, or if learning certain skills Wisdom, leadership, explosives, mechanical, and medical skills improve slightly slower
Show-Off Better performance when mercenaries of the opposite gender are nearby Morale for mercenaries of the same gender grows slower when nearby
Sociable Better performance when a couple of mercenaries are nearby Gains no morale when when no other mercenary is nearby