1.13 installation

The following section is supposed to show you the most straightforward way to install the 1.13 mod on Jagged Alliance 2 all in one place, without any unneccessary information overflow. Let's go, Woody!

Step-by-step installation guide

Step 1/5

Install a fresh copy of Jagged Alliance 2 in a not protected location.
It doesn't matter whether the copy comes from Steam, GOG, or any other source.


Since Microsoft Windows Vista certain folders are protected by UAC. Jagged Alliance 2 is therefore best not installed in such folders (e.g. Program Files, Program Files (x86) etc.)

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Step 2/5

Download the latest release of the 1.13 mod as a SCI (single click installer) from one of the following locations.
Please note that if you plan to use some other mods on top (e.g. Arulco Revisited, Urban Chaos, AIMNAS etc.), these mods may require certain releases due to compatibility.


The former stable/unstable release policy has been discarded: there is only one line of release (revision XXXX on gamedir XXXX), which can be seen as the latest stable release.

Current version (March 3, 2021)
Revision 8948 on gamedir 2584

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Step 3/5

Unzip the downloaded release of 1.13.


For easy recovery purposes create a backup of the main Jagged Alliance 2 installation folder.

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Step 4/5

Copy all files of the unzipped release of 1.13 into the main installation folder of Jagged Alliance 2 (e.g. C:\GOG Games\Jagged Alliance 2) and confirm any overwrite prompts.


Some 1.13 releases append the revision number to the ja2.exe (e.g. ja2_8927.exe). If that is the case, manually rename it to ja2.exe and overwrite the old ja2.exe.

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Step 5/5

Execute the INI Editor.exe from the main installation location to further customize your gaming experience by adjusting the general (top part) and the individual (bottom part) settings.


The bottom part of the INI Editor is for advanced customization and even though every option is precisely described, new players shouldn't worry too much about it on the first playthrough.
Customization possibilites are diverse and can substantially alter you gameplay experience though.

Known issue | Stuttering

Even though 1.13 revamps many aspects of Jagged Alliance 2, the game itself has a few years under its belt and therefore various issues can occur.
For newer operating systems (≥ Microsoft Windows 8) the most frequently appearing problem is consistent stuttering.
Should you encounter this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Download the performancefix.zip here.
  2. Unzip the downloaded performancefix.zip.
  3. Open the performancefix.reg with an editor (e.g. Notepad).
  4. Adjust the path to your game installation location (e.g. C:\GOG Games\Jagged Alliance 2).
  5. Save the adjusted performancefix.reg.
  6. Execute the adjusted performancefix.reg and confirm the displayed prompts.

If this doesn't lead to solving the stuttering, continue with the following steps.

  1. Download the dllfix.zip here.
  2. Unzip the downloaded dllfix.zip.
  3. Copy all files of the unzipped dllfix.zip into the main installation folder of Jagged Alliance 2 (e.g. C:\GOG Games\Jagged Alliance 2).

Most of the stuttering issues can be solved through these two fixes.

Should you encounter further problems, feel free to take a look at the Technical Issues with JA2 1.13 - Problems and Solutions.txt within the Docs folder of your Jagged Alliance 2 installation location (e.g. C:\GOG Games\Jagged Alliance 2\Docs) or directly turn to the community at The Bear's Pit.