What is Jagged Alliance 2 1.13?

If you found this website you probably know how great a game Jagged Alliance 2 is up to this day so let's not dwell on it anymore. With 1.13 the active community of Jagged Alliance 2 created a mod that enhanced the original game not just by a few features but completely upgraded it to a new immersive experience. It would take too long to name all the enhancements and fixes this mod includes but to name just a few: high resolution support, tons of new customizable options & features, many new mercenaries (e. g. from Jagged Alliance 1), a throng of new items like weapons, armor, ammunition, attachables, and much more.

Long story short: the game was already awesome back in the days but once played with 1.13, you probably won't go back, so let's dive right into it. Arulco is desperately awaiting your arrival!

1.13 installation


Skill traits (old)

Skill traits (new)

Character traits